Philosophical Truffles

(November 25, 2018)

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ISBN 978-1-935830-52-8 (cloth)
ISBN 978-1-935830-55-9 (eBook)

A sheer delight to read and think along with, these aphorisms and philosophical miniatures will astound, enliven, and inspire anyone ready and willing to risk a fresh, unflinching look at the world, humanity, and the often curious ways in which we think, act, and feel ... Like truffles that gradually dissolve on our tongue, suffusing us with the gustatory memory of their transient shape and texture, and leaving us desiring more ...


SBN 978-1-935830-52-8 (cloth)
ISBN 978-1-935830-55-9 (eBook)

Publication Date: November 2018


An award-winning philosophers, author, translator, literary critic, and publisher, Michael Eskin has taught at the University of Cambridge and Columbia University. His essays, reviews, and translations have appeared in The New Yorker, TLS, and World Literature Today., among other venues. His books include: Ethics and Dialogue in the Works of Levinas, Bakhtin, Mandel-shtam, and Celan; Poetic Affairs: Celan, Grünbein, Brodsky; The DNA of Prejudice; Yoga for the Mind; and The Wisdom of Parenthood. He has been a frequent guest on radio programs and lectured regularly on cultural, philosophical, and literary subjects across the US and Europe—as a guest of PEN, the United States Consulate General, Germany, The Federation of German-American Clubs, and Limmud, an international organization fostering cross-cultural Jewish education, among others. He lives in New York City.